So, Did You Decide? 

Continuing on from last week, did you decide what kind of retiree you are? Regardless of whether you think of yourself as the Dynamo, the Philanthropist, the Homebody, or the Adventurer, it is recommended that you start building your strategy early.  Along with newfound freedoms, retirement can also mean confronting uncomfortable topics and scenarios. The […]

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How Do You Do It? 

How should couples save for retirement if only one is working? Saving for two when one is the primary or sole breadwinner can be challenging. It takes proper strategizing that goes beyond just watching your spending. Often, couples think that there will never be a time when they can actually just enjoy life. Thankfully, that’s

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Sometimes there is value in knowing. Social Security was never meant to cover all your expenses in retirement, and, unless you work in the public sector, pensions are rare. Knowing there’s another payment coming in like clockwork every month, or that your savings have some protection from a volatile market, can ease possible worries about

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Are you a “Solo Ager”? Here Are Some Things to Consider

A “solo ager” is a person who, upon retirement, has no family or close friends in their immediate vicinity. Growing numbers of Americans, whether single, widowed, or divorced, live alone, making solo agers more prevalent. Furthermore, many are childless or have distant adult children who live far away, leaving them to their own devices. If

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Retirement Spending

Many people nearing retirement make the mistake of just “guessing” their retirement income needs rather than actually calculating what they’ll need to support their retirement spending. This is because many people don’t put enough thought into their financial needs when they are working, either.  However, given that you don’t have the income from a job

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