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Annuity Income
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Annuity income is an option for many

Annuity income can provide you with guaranteed* income, without giving up the rights to your money. Essentially, the right kind of annuity is an option to keep your money safe. Some allow you to earn a reasonable rate of return,** without worrying about losing your nest egg. If the stock market drops, your money is protected. In a market boom, your annuity can still grow, if you have the right type of annuity.

So, where should you keep your money? To help you decide, Messina’s Wealth Management looks at the whole picture. Additionally, we will ask questions about your goals. We also take the time to educate you. Do you know what your current fees are? Are you comfortable with your current rate of return? Have you considered potential risks? Our approach will help you discover a strategy suitable for you.. 

Is Annuity Income Right for YOu?
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Myths of Annuity Income

There are myths about how annuity income is created. You may hear some agents say that certain annuities are “bad.” Why does this happen? For one thing, many brokers make most of their money by managing dollars clients have in the stock market. Although they may make money on selling an annuity, some agents still avoid recommending them. They simply earn more on managing money in the market.  

Also of note: not all annuities are created equal. Some brokers do, indeed, have annuity products. But many of those products depend on the stock market. In many cases, this means you could lose your principal if the market crashes. Messina’s Wealth Management works differently. With top companies in the industry, we ensure our clients get the annuity income they need without risking their money in the stock market. If you are looking to protect your principal and have a decent rate of return, learn about these types of annuities.

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Learn More About
Annuity Income

To determine if annuity income is right for you, we use a thorough process. First, we offer dinner seminars to explain how the market works. During these events, we teach you about how annuities differ from most retirement vehicles. Next, we meet one-on-one to discuss your retirement strategy. Together, we review several factors, including:

  • Which stage of retirement are you in?
  • How much in liquid assets do you have?
  • In addition, how much of that cash is available for emergencies?
  • Are you comfortable with risk?
  • How much risk are you ok with?
  • Will the annuity income be enough to cover expenses?
  • And much, much more


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Annuity Then
Vs. Annuity Now

In the past, annuity options were very limited. For instance, some annuities offered protection of principal. But, they had a very low interest rate. Others provided a better interest rate, but came with the risk of losing the money you put in. Neither of these options were really helpful. Thankfully, the industry has since evolved.

Over the last 10-15 years, many annuity offerings have changed. If you work with the right company, you can now find annuity with income that suits your needs. First, protection of your hard-earned money. Second, a reasonable rate of return**, Some annuities even include features that help retirees to leave a legacy.

Moreover, annuities can have additional benefits. For example, you may be able to use the money for unexpected benefits such as funding for final expense and additional income with long term care features. More than ever, retirees have more annuity income options available. Work with a licensed annuity professional to determine if an annuity may be right for you. 

We believe in keeping your money safe. "You Earn it. We Protect it."

“Green Line” Fixed Index Annuities:

Why Selecting the RIGHT Annuity Matters

The stock market (red) goes up and down. There might be major swings. That’s the nature of it. In contrast, an annuity (the green) is much more stable. There is steady accumulation, but no loss. If you protect your money, you know it is there for you. The “green line” of an annuity shows that, sometimes, slow and steady can achieive long-term financial goals.

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