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Our approach is simple: you earned it, now protect it.

Retirement Made Easy: Is it possible?

With all the information out there, “retirement made easy” sounds like a pipe dream. Straightaway, retirees have to decide where to put their money. Not only are there various types of policies to figuring out, but there are also various types of products inside those policies. For example, you’ve had to decide whether to put your money in a 401(k), 403 (b), traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc. On top of that, you’ve also had to make decisions about which funds to invest in along the way. Retirement made easy doesn’t sound so easy.

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Actually, Its Not Complicated

Although the options can appear overwhelming. especially as retirement arrives, we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated. Riding the waves of the stock market while you’re in accumulation mode is one thing. Doing so while in retirement, on the other hand, is a much different thing. The fluctuations of the market means you could lose some of your hard-earned money. In effect, you could risk your nest-egg. Put simply, when you hit retirement, it’s time to protect your money.

There is a simpler way. You may be able to obtain more protection from products such as fixed index annuities and certain life insurance policies. Another key point of certain insurance products as part of your retirement strategy: guaranteed income. In addition, some retirement options allow for reasonable rates of return.* Finally, your retirement made easy process should include protection of your hard earned money.

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What Is Retirement Made Easy?

Maybe you’ve already set a date for retirement. Or, perhaps you have a rough idea of when the big day might arrive. As retirement approaches, many people begin to watch their finances closely. You know that the future of your family depends on it. If you’re like many retirees, you feel a bit overwhelmed. You know that a dip in the market could negatively impact your finances. So, you may feel anxious. This anxiety can lead some people to become so worried that they can’t even enjoy their retirement. In our eyes, this is one of the worst effects of a complicated retirement strategy.

The most suitable strategies are straight-forward and simple. If your retirement strategy requires you to monitor it closely, then perhaps it isn’t ideal. Retirement made easy just means the following:

(1) You understand where your money is and how it generates income for you

(2) You feel secure and confident that your principal is protected, no matter what happens in the market

(3) You have someone you trust to answer your questions and help you properly plan

It is important to understand your options

How To Keep It Simple

Messina’s Wealth Management strives to help keep things easy. Certainly, many advisors make retirement more complex than it has to be. After all, some of them use “smoke and mirrors” so their clients don’t really understand fees. Sometimes, clients don’t actually know how their investments are really performing. In contrast, we believe all our clients should fully understand their choices.

We work with our clients, side-by-side on an annual basis. For example, we will help you uncover details about your current strategies. Moreover, we can help you review your policies. Counter to other advisors, our approach centers around you. We make sure you are absolutely clear about your options. Furthermore, we offer complimentary dinner seminars. At these events, clients learn about the market. They discover new strategies for retiring securely. In short, we teach you the methods of retirement made easy.

What really separates Messina’s Wealth Management from other financial professionals is our ongoing client relationships and consistent service. We provide quarterly exclusive client educational events expanding your knowledge of what you own as well as other product events. Competence brings confidence.

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Enjoy a complimentary gourmet meal with a no-obligation retirement presentation. 

*Reasonable rate of return over time. 

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