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Did You Hear? According to LIMRA, annuity sales are on the rise yet again this year, after also breaking records last year. Investors building their retirement strategy looking to mitigate some risk have chosen to lock-in annuities–How smart is this choice? Well, there’s definitely a reason they’ve been selling recently. Reach out to us to learn …

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What to Consider

This recent article (click here to read) is about what key features to consider when choosing a fixed index annuity during a time of market unease. It helps us to understand details like how FIAs can help act as a source of guaranteed income, even when the markets are declining.  Reading the article provides tips …

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Review the basics


We try to educate our clients on annuities. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to review the basics. Click here to visit our annuities page. We’ve outlined information such as the different types of annuities, the nature of the underlying investment, the primary purpose of an annuity, the nature of the payout commitment, the tax status …

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Don’t Make Hasty Decisions When Tensions are High

It’s important to stay skeptical of promises of sure things during unsure times. Is a simple and reliable investment really simple and reliable, or does it just appear that way because the world is spinning? Jason Zweig at the Wall Street Journal says “As Russia launches its blitzkrieg against Ukraine, my inbox brimmed with reports …

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