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A Bridge

We’ve spoken in the past about the financial benefits of delaying the claiming of Social Security benefits. However, what happens if retirees decide to leave their jobs before reaching age 70 and need to “bridge the gap” of income until they do start to claim their Social Security benefits?  Most people would be better off […]

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Are you a “Solo Ager”? Here Are Some Things to Consider

A “solo ager” is a person who, upon retirement, has no family or close friends in their immediate vicinity. Growing numbers of Americans, whether single, widowed, or divorced, live alone, making solo agers more prevalent. Furthermore, many are childless or have distant adult children who live far away, leaving them to their own devices. If

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Full Retirement Age

You’re eligible for the unreduced Social Security benefit (referred to as your Primary Insurance Amount) once you reach your full retirement age. If you were born in 1960 or later, your full retirement age is 67.  You can start taking Social Security retirement benefits as early as 62, but the benefit is reduced by 30%

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Retirement Spending

Many people nearing retirement make the mistake of just “guessing” their retirement income needs rather than actually calculating what they’ll need to support their retirement spending. This is because many people don’t put enough thought into their financial needs when they are working, either.  However, given that you don’t have the income from a job

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Financial Stability

A big part of planning for your retirement future is accounting for the “what-ifs.” No matter how careful anyone is, unexpected changes can occur: accidents, illness, and deaths.  That’s where insurance comes in. Life insurance and the features it offers are definitely worth considering, and not only to provide for your loved ones after you’re

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Retire before age 65

Planning to Retire Before Age 65? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you choose to retire before age 65 or are forced to retire due to health issues or some family circumstances, there is a question you must address. What will you do about health insurance until you become eligible for Medicare? Many Americans retire before the typical retirement age, whether by choice or need. Unfortunately,

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