I’ve been asked to explain how the dollar amount of what someone receives in social security is impacted by their age at filing for SS. This week’s article does that. It tells us “One of the most important factors affecting your retirement security is how long you work. Additional years make it easier to increase annual Social Security benefits through delayed filing: Filing at the earliest age (62) gets you 75 percent of your annual full benefit; every 12 months of delay past your full retirement age (currently around 66, depending on your year of birth) gets you an additional 8 percent until you turn 70. Working longer also can mean saving more, living off those savings for fewer years and getting more years of employer-subsidized health insurance”. Let us know if you need help in applying these formulas to your personal situation to determine how much additional income you may need to help you live out a more stress-free retirement. There are products that can provide additional income that you may not know about. Call us, we’re always here for you.

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