Join us for a Special Bring a Friend

Bingo Breakfast

FEBRUARY 17th at 1pm


We will play 2 rounds virtually. We want our guests to be comfortable and have a great time. 


FEBRUARY 17th at 10am

EVENT FULL – WAITLIST ONLY 9:30am Arrival Time The Original Messina’s Catering & Events 2717 Williams Blvd. • Kenner

Invite as many people as you would like! The more the merrier! We will play 4 rounds.


You Must Register to Attend or Participate Virtually:

IMPORTANT: Each participant must fill out this form so we have your info for your bingo cards. You can share this page with your friends and family using one of the links below:

COSTUME CONTEST: We will be having a costume contest too. All photos will be posted to our Facebook page  and voted on by our Facebook Community, most likes = winner.  All costume submissions for this costume contest need to be in by Friday, February 16th at 5pm.


Costume Contest Rules

  • The deadline to submit is Friday, Feb. 16th at 5pm
  • Take a photo of your costume (include as many Mardi Gras props as possible)
  • Text a picture of you in your best costume to: 504-655-9933
  • Browse your competition on our page and vote for your favorite
  • Photos with the most likes by Friday, Feb. 17th will be the winner
  • Collect your prize (it is a SURPRISE!)

Details About Virtual Bingo

  • Your bingo card will be emailed
  • We will play 2 rounds so don’t write on your cards
  • Put a coin or some kind of marker on your card as we call out the numbers
  • When you have BINGO message us in the chat “BINGO!” and the game will pause

We’re open for business despite this virus because no one should have financial concerns on top of health concerns. You can’t quarantine your retirement. We are here to help.

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