Learn how to protect your money and…

Retire Well

Want to retire well? Messina’s Wealth Management believes retirees should:

  1. Know  How To Keep Your Money Safe
  2. Expect Reasonable Returns 
  3. Understand Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated
retire well with Nick Messina
Retire Well - Nick Messina Louisiana financial planner
Founder and President, Nick Messina

Messina’s Wealth Management

At Messina’s Wealth Management, we don’t just help retirees; we help them retire well. Our motto is “You earn it. We protect it.”

Can your policy handle a down market?

The stock market, by definition, goes up and down. As a result, accounts invested in the stock market can drop. So, what if your financial products drop during retirement? Can it recover?

With this in mind, our firm helps protect your money. We use insurance products designed to keep your principal safe. To sum up, we want you to retire well.

Red or green?
How do you want your money to grow?

The stock market (red) goes up and down. There might be major swings. That’s the nature of it. In contrast, the right kind of annuity (the green), is much more stable. There is steady accumulation, but no loss. If you protect your money, you know it is there for you. The “green line” of an annuity shows that, sometimes, slow and steady does win the race.

Join Us For A

an informational seminar and insurance presentation

Our team members reserve amazing restaurants to hold our educational retirement seminars. Subsequently, our attendees enjoy a delicious meal while they learn. In our presentation, we discuss strategies for retiring with confidence. In addition, you’ll learn about market conditions as well as how to protect your money. 

Protect Your Principal
Retire Well

What Makes Us Different

Many financial professionals say they care about their clients long-term success. Yet, when was the last time your agent called you? We believe it’s more important to show it. Besides, you deserve someone who will walk you through your options, step-by-step.

First off, we take the time to make sure you’re fully educated. In addition, we help you to make an informed decision. What’s more, we provide no obligation annual reviews. Also, we offer client appreciation, client education and social events throughout the year.

Keeping Your Principal Protected*

Many people use the “buy and hold” strategy to accumulate wealth. Because, in these early years, they invest for the long haul. Therefore, they may have a higher risk tolerance.

However, as retirement arrives, their risk tolerance lowers. Market downturns can cause financial product values to drop.

And so, protecting your principal* becomes the new priority. At Messina’s Wealth Management, we understand the importance of protecting your money, especially, in retirement. We’ll work with you to help keep your principal safe.  

Setting Your Return Rate Expectations

Do you have to give up earning a reasonable interest rate in order to protect your principal? In short, “No.”

At Messina’s Wealth Management, we offer products that help our clients achieve a reasonable rate of return over time.

After all, we believe that you can have a strategy most suitable for you. Most importantly, you can protect your money. Meanwhile, you can also expect a reasonable rate of return**. We’ll show you products that protect your principal. In addition, you can expect interest growth. 

Your Strategy

Your decisions about your money will impact the rest of your life. Will you retire well and with dignity?

Do you have enough to last or might you run out? With these questions in mind, it’s no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed. In addition, retirees are uncertain about what to do once retirement nears (or, arrives).

To that end, Messina’s Wealth Management takes the time to educate our clients. Unlike other agents, we answer your questions. We listen. Moreover, we provide straight-forward solutions. Ultimately, we believe in keeping things simple. 

Looking for a second opinion? Then call us!

Here, our team offers educational seminars and one-on-one appointments. We’ll review your current retirement portfolio, examine and explain your current fees, and discuss your options for protecting your policies in the event of a market dip. Let’s work together to find the right solution for you. 

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